What People Are Saying

These chapters are beautifully gentle. The personal stories, the on-point scriptures, the pacing, it all marries so well that the reader feels like she’s having a cup of tea at Amy’s  table. Cozily curled with my fuzzy socks on, cradling my cup, I’m learning not just from her words, but from the beauty of transparency.

~Charity Mack author of The Unseen and God & Bees


Amy, It felt as if you were taking me one beat closer to the heart of our Triune God. You bring yourself to a very intimate place with God - very raw, very real, very personal. Thank you!

~Laurie Boughton


 It was precious to read your heart, Amy, your stories and how you have allowed God to work through such personal difficulties and bring victory. I love the layout of each chapter with your story and how God worked and then the questions.” 

~Patrice Smith


Such a powerful, real, soul searching book! I highly recommend!

~Peggy Allman

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