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Soul Stripper


Such a powerful, real, soul searching book! I highly recommend!

Peggy Allman

These chapters are beautifully gentle. The personal stories, the on-point scriptures, the pacing, it all marries so well that the reader feels like she’s having a cup of tea at Amy’s  table. Cozily curled with my fuzzy socks on, cradling my cup, I’m learning not just from her words, but from the beauty of transparency.

Charity Mack author of The Unseen and God & Bees

Wonderful job sharing your stripping story with courage, authenticity, and vulnerability.

I love the way you communicate the surgical precision with which the Lord has healed, transformed, and set you free. You share your significant losses and trials with honesty and hope. Very invitational with your reflection questions. And a seamless weaving of the Word. It all points to Jesus. Beautifully done.

Sharon Brown, author of Sensible Shoes book series

Amy, Soul Stripper felt as if you were taking me one beat closer to the heart of our Triune God. You bring yourself to a very intimate place with God - very raw, very real, very personal. Thank you!

Laurie Boughton, Missionary

Our culture has fed us the lie that what we do is our identity and that it gives our lives meaning, worth and value. Amy beautifully shares her journey in Soul Stripper to reveal that our true identity comes from who we are in Jesus Christ. Let this book guide you to be still and know your worth

Sheila Fields

As a young woman, Soul Stripper - Confessions by One Ex-Pastor’s Wife is something that I found so much life in. There is so much that the world throws at us that tries to mold our identities and tell us who we are, but this book offers wisdom and renewal as we become vulnerable with God and explore who we are in Christ.

Catie Dansby, Regent University Student

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